Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Baggy, Saggy, Elephant.

Just when you think it can't get any worse.  It does.  Actually, in the long run it's going to be a good thing, but for now I'm pretty bummed.  I gave up wheat.  And that has been going GREAT!  It's pretty amazing how good I feel.  My stomach is not bloated anymore, and I fell a lot better.  I've had no cravings for wheat.  Which is pretty substantial to me, as I've tried lots of diets and always felt awful on them.  But today, I had to take all three of my sons to the doctor for the little Bub's 6 month checkup.  The big boys were pretty awful.  I tried to bribe them with a trip to the park and that didn't even help their behavior.  So, after I got everyone back into the car, I decided I earned a Starbucks coffee.

I LOVE Starbucks coffee.  Honestly.  I dream about it.  I fantasize about having a Starbucks in my house.  I drink toffee-nut mocha's there.  There really good.  So, I got one today.  Not a big one, just the small size. (which they call a Tall, but whatever.)  And I drank it on the way home.  Now, I'm having heart palpitations.  I've been having them on and off for a couple of weeks actually.  But I'm pretty sure the cause is caffeine.  It feels like my heart races for a split second and then I feel dizzy.  And dizzy is not a good thing when I have to carry a 6 month old around half the day.

So, long story short.  I'm giving up caffeine too.  And I am really going to miss it.  Sad face.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Grandma Made Me Eat It.

She really did.  My Grandma made me eat the yummy apple pie that she had made.  We went over to visit yesterday, and she asked in her nice Grandma-ey voice "Do you want some pie?"  How can you say "No" to your Grandma?  The short answer is that you can't.  I didn't.  I weighted 245.6 yesterday morning and this morning I weigh 247.4.  Is it because of a piece of pie?  I'm not sure, but I can tell you that after I ate it, I felt pretty sick.  I developed a headache, and my joints of my hands started to ache.  I was also really tired.  But I can't really blame my Grandma for that.  It's the wheat, and the sugar.

 A Picture of my Wonderful Grandma with my littlest Bub.

But other than a piece of pie yesterday, I've been doing really good.  We went grocery shopping and got some 'essentials' for the new eating style that I've started.  I got some milled flax seed that I've used to make some SUPER good flax tortillas.  The boys even ate them!  I also got some nuts. (Not like there aren't enough of those in my house.  Lol!)  Pecans, almonds, and walnuts.  I used the pecans to make some pecan crusted chicken tenders.  The boys asked for seconds.  Seriously.  I think this diet is going good.  Hooray!

Oh, and if you know my Grandma, don't tell her I put her in my Blog.  She'll disown me . . .

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Regular Mom.

I am a Regular Mom.  I just turned 30 a few months ago.  I have three small boys.  Yes, you heard me right, THREE!!  My oldest is 5, the middle is 3, and the little bub is 6 months.  Right now the big boys are playing with Play-doh. (And I use the term playing very loosely.  They're actually having me roll the Play-doh into balls and then throwing them.)  The baby is in his swing. (He just learned that he can make a spit noise, so he's enjoying that.)  There are dirty dishes in my sink, and toys on the floor of the living room.  I am a regular stay at home mom. 

Except yesterday, I decided to start to change my life.

I have a wonderful mom who lent me her 'copy' (her digital copy), of Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD.  She suggested I take a look at it, since my middle guy has asthma.  I waited until all the boys were asleep and then I read about two thirds of it.  It really is a fascinating book, with the main idea being that we need to stop eating wheat. 

Now, wheat is in EVERYTHING.  Seriously.  And I'm a regular mom.  Who feeds my kids mac and cheese, spaghetti, pizza, and lets them have treats like doughnuts, and breakfast cereal.  Even I love things made with wheat.  It's what I grew up on.  At night while the boys are in bed, you can probably find me in the kitchen, baking up something sweet.  How am I possibly going to stop feeding my family wheat?  A day at a time.  Because what I learned from this book, is that it's entirely possible to hurt your family by feeding them wheat.

So, today I started with two eggs, scrambled with some red onion and feta.  LOVED IT! I really found my new favorite breakfast.  I had some coffee too, with milk.  Because I have three sons.  I should also add that I started today at 250.  Pounds.  I'm 5 feet, 8 inches tall.  So that gives me a BMI of 38.0.  A 'normal' weight for my height is between 122 and 164.  I started out with a weight of 180 before my first son.  So 180 is my goal, although to look at the scale and read 250, I'm okay with ANY weight loss.
 Me at 28 weeks pregnant with my first son.

Today I have been suffering.  It's hard to cut wheat out.  Because in the 'wheaty' things is sugar and I'm sure that's why I have a headache, and I'm SUPER grouchy.  But, so far so good.  No wheat has passed my lips!  So, here's to a fresh start for a Regular Mom!

Me with my boys right after the little bub was born.